Get The Executive Gig: Tips

Ready to land that new executive gig? If so, you need to be prepared to stand up and stand out. There is no other way, especially in the market of today, that you will accomplish this objective. Securing an executive gig takes a lot of time, so we’ve put together a short list of tips, to help you land the executive gig:

  • Make sure you have a killer resume. You might even consider utilizing a resume writing service, more specifically, an executive resume writing service.
  • When applying for an executive gig, more so than usual, seek to truly understand the institution as a whole, the hr/recruiting department, the opportunity and your competition. Use all of this information to better understand and articulate your alignment with the institution and opportunity.
  • Be prepared to communicate, written and verbally, your overall affect [as it relates to your previous position(s)], on corporate earnings, market share, cost effectiveness (in various capacities) and overall value.

Take the above quick tips and use them to finally land the executive gig you desire!


  1. The 5 Day Career Success Course | This is a 5 day, online, self-paced course, that includes 5 downloadable workbooks and online streaming audio. 
  2. Use A Cover Letter? | How do you use your cover letter?
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