Use A Cover Letter?

For your sake, I hope you use a cover letter.

The question isn’t IF you HAVE a cover letter. The question is HOW you USE your cover letter.

How do you use your cover letter?

Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your cover letter?

Are you inadvertently minimizing the efficiency of your cover letter?

As with everything we say and do, the only things that matter, even with your cover letter, are effectiveness and efficiency. To accomplish cover letter effectiveness and efficiency, your cover letter needs to be relevant, in every possible way. Your cover letter needs to be relevant to:

  • The position
  • The hiring manager
  • The company

If you want your resume read, you must have an effective, efficient cover letter, that is relevant to the position, hiring manager and company. If you want an interview, your resume needs to be read. If you want a job, you need an interview.

You see, in the grand scheme of things, a cover letter is VERY important.

No cover letter? No resume review.

No resume review? No interview.

No interview? No job.

No job? 




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3 thoughts on “Use A Cover Letter?

  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts. take care.

  2. these kind of articles really help me. so thank you.

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