Looking for a job?

Securing employment is not the task it once was. Job hunting is not the best its ever been, nor is it the worst.

We’ve compiled a list of the things to do, and not to do, when job hunting.

Check it out.



  • Google yourself. Find out what Google is saying about you… Because employers will be doing this exact thing and this could disqualify you, depending on the message.
  • Make your social networking sites private. Employers will check these out as well (should come up in your Google Search), you want to have as much control as possible over the access employers have to your personal networks.
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile. Recommend this profile to employers if asked for your social networking information, especially if they want access to your Facebook Account
  • Add the social networks that you want employers to see, to your resume. Then cross your fingers and hope that they don’t find the others.
  • Remember that comments made on message boards, and other things not on a profile you have access to, are available to appear in searches done by employers as well. While you don’t want to mask your real self, based on someone who doesn’t support the same rights or social issues that you do (and the like); remember that a hiring manager may be on the opposite side of the issue as you, and may disqualify you, based on their personal inability to differentiate personal best interest from professional best interest.
  • Remember that other applicants are most likely just as qualified for the job, or more, than you. The small, personal things will set you apart and sell your potential added value.
  • Remember that you are ALWAYS being watched, from the time you enter the parking lot to the time you exit the parking lot. Be on your best behavior.
  • Remember your manners. At all times, with all people.
  • Research the companies and hiring manager you are looking to work with. Do this both before applying to the position and before an interview.
  • Realize that you are qualifying the company just as much a they are qualifying you. You rock and are super talented – Don’t waste your skills and time with the wrong company.
  • Check out a company, such as Glassdoor, to find out information about the company. Sites like this will give you information from both the company AND people who have worked there (current and past).
  • Make your resume brief. The longer your resume, the shorter the chance of it being read.
  • Make the skills and accomplishments in your resume directly related to the position you want. All the other skills and accomplishments are extra crud, weighing your resume down – Take them out, they don’t matter.




  • Assume that because you are “qualified” for jobs that things will be easy. They won’t be.
  • Give your Facebook account access information to anyone, including employers. You will be assisting them in violating the Facebook Terms of Use.
  • Get discouraged if you are no longer considered for a position after refusing to give your personal account access information to employers. Would you really want to work for such an intrusive company anyways?
  • Forget to do an image search when you Google yourself. Pictures are just as important as profiles.
  • Use any technical toy (phone, music player, tablet, etc.) while waiting to be interviewed.
  • Drink alcohol at least 6 hours before a potential job interview.
  • Have a boring interview where you just sit and answer questions. Remember to qualify the employer and ask questions.
  • Answer your cell phone, AT ALL, regardless of the reason, during an interview. If the call is THAT important, you probably needn’t be at the interview.
  • Chew gum… Or eat a candy bar… Or eat a mint… Or eat a cough drop… Or chew something fruity and chewy… During an interview.
  • Go to an interview if you have an outstanding federal warrant and the company does background checks. Just turn yourself in.
  • Lie. simple.
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